What Influences the Cost of Boiler Installation

When homeowners need a new boiler or decide to replace one, the cost of the system’s installation weighs heavy on their minds. This cost consists of not only the price of buying the appliance but also fitting it. It is essential to find professional service for boiler installation in Birmingham, offering competitive rates, assurances of safety, and peak performance. Also, you must know the different factors that affect the overall rate of a new boiler. 

Keep reading to learn what influences the installation costs in detail below.

1. Type of Boiler 

There are three primary boiler options available to homeowners today. 

  1. Combi boilers – These systems heat water from the mains, so you don’t need a storage tank for cold or hot water. The cost of installing these boilers is nearly euro 2,500. 
  2. Regular boilers – Also called heat-only boilers, they give hot water for central heating and are suitable for larger homes. Installing a regular boiler will cost you around euro 2000 to 3000.
  3. System boilers – These boilers have a boiler mechanism and a hot water storage cylinder. They provide high flow rates and are more efficient than conventional boilers. The installation of these systems falls between euro 2000 to 3000. 

2. Boiler Fuel 

Boiler fuel influences the cost of materials and labor as well as standalone costs. Standalone electric and gas boilers are inexpensive compared to oil boilers and LPG ones because of their similar heating capacity. Also, electric and gas boilers do not need additional pipework that connects to feeder tanks or hot water cylinders. Thus, it minimizes the cost of labor and materials.

3. The Scale and Type of Your Property

Boiler installation cost is also majorly influenced by the scale and type of your property. If your property is large, you will need to install a more powerful boiler. Such a boiler should be able to heat the entire building more efficiently. It also ensures that the right water pressure is kept throughout without leading to wasted energy.

Also, the number of bathrooms your house has and the frequency with which you run baths and showers impact the boiler size and, consequently, the cost. Naturally, if there are many people in your home, there will be more demand for heating and hot water. You will require a larger kW of this appliance.

4. Number of Radiators You Need

How many radiators you require will also affect your boiler installation cost. If the style is more ornate, the price will be higher. Some models range from euro 150 to 1000 while standard heating radiators cost anywhere from euro 20 to 120 according to their heat output. 

If you want to save some money yet not compromise on style, grab your chosen style of radiators while they are on discount or an offer. 

Final Words

An efficient boiler makes your home much more comfortable and warm. Find a reliable service for boiler installation in Birmingham with Gas Safe Registered engineers offering tailored services at competitive rates. Contact Celmeng Plumbing and Heating to replace, repair, or install boilers today.

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