5 Signs Its Time To Install A New Boiler

One of the most extensively used devices in any house is a boiler. However, you do not usually give it much thought till it suddenly stops working, reducing the quality of heating and hot water. A boiler can easily last between 10 to 15 years, depending on regular maintenance. However, if it’s on the blink, certain signs indicate the time for its replacement. If you notice them, contact a reliable plumbing service for boiler installation in Birmingham, like Celmeng Plumbing and Heating, to safely and effectively install the best boiler for your home.

new boiler installation

1.   There Are Leaks

If you see visible leaks, it shows that the internal parts of the appliance are malfunctioning. Leaks can occur because of temperature valve issues, faulty pressure valves, corrosion in the appliance or broken seals in the pump. Leaks cause inefficient heating, so it is essential to take immediate action.

2.   Strange Noises and Odours

If you hear tapping sounds on the radiators or pipes, it indicates the buildup of smudge in your central heating system. This is fixable, but if you hear vibrating or banging, it points to a bigger fault with the boiler. Call a technician to examine the system.

If your boiler is emitting strange smells, take urgent action, as it could indicate a carbon monoxide leak. Watch out for signs like the boiler burning a yellow flame, dark soot stains on the appliance, and greater condensation inside the device’s windows. The problem can negatively affect your and your family’s health, so call a technician immediately.

3.   Increased Energy Bills

Do you suddenly find your energy bills increasing? The reason can be found in the age of your boiler. Appliances that aren’t energy efficient cost more money to operate. Older G-rated boilers have 70% less efficient than modern A-rated appliances. So, if you have a G-rated boiler, replacing it with an A-rated device can give you a saving of up to Euro 840 a year. Modern boilers also use less energy, which translates to lower energy bills.

4.   The Boiler Takes Longer to Heat

Do you find yourself frequently adjusting the appliance’s pressure or the radiators taking more time than usual to heat up? Modern boilers can quickly reach their maximum temperature, so if your boiler cannot do so, it can mean that it’s on its way to getting replaced.

5.   You Cannot Find Spare Parts.

If your boiler is too old, you’ll have difficulty finding spare parts when it needs to be repaired. Finding and replacing obsolete parts can be quite expensive. So, if your boiler has frequent issues, it is best to replace it altogether.

Summing up

Did you check all the signs above? If so, replacing your boiler with a new, energy-efficient device is the way to go. A good option is to call the professionals of a reliable plumbing service for boiler installation in Birmingham, like Celmeng Plumbing and Heating. The highly trained engineers can effectively install boilers of every make and model, so you never have to deal with an unexpected boiler breakdown or incur high energy bills.

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