Different Ways to Fix a Clogged Toilet

Clogged toilets are a common issue in bathrooms. The site is certainly disgusting, but resolving the problem is relatively easy. You can always take the help of expert plumbers in Birmingham if you don’t have time to deal with this unsightly situation. If your attempts do not clear the obstruction, getting the assistance of local plumbers is the right thing to do. Keep reading to find out some tested ways to troubleshoot a clogged toilet.

  1. Use a Plunger 

A plunger is a necessary piece of equipment for every homeowner. It can prove a life-saver to deal with various plumbing issues. Your plunger should seal securely around the drain of your toilet. If you cannot get a strong seal, spread some petroleum jelly on the rim of the equipment. 

Now plunge with some pressure without splashing. Using a plunger will save you from the mess of dealing with the overflow of the toilet onto your floor. 

  1. Loosen the Clog with Dish Soap

Another way to hasten the unclogging process is to use dish soap. Take ¼ cup of dish soap and pour it into the toilet bowl. Wait for about 10 minutes so the soap contacts the clog. After that, add hot but not boiling water into the toilet bowl. This soap will lubricate the clog and resolve the issue. 

  1. Use the Toilet Brush

This is for those who don’t have a plunger with them. Angle the bristles of the brush down the drain. Pump up and down using the brush to loosen the clog. 

A toilet brush is usually enough for fixing mild clogs. Ensure to press the brush into the hole of the toilet to the farthest. Pull it up and down to break apart small clogs.

  1. Unclog Using a Snake

A plumbing snake is the way to go if you have a stubborn, clogged toilet. Before using a snake, lay some towels around the toilet’s base to catch excess water. Now extend the augur and insert its curved hook end into the toilet bowl. 

Keep inserting till you cannot see the augur’s end. Now, rotate the handle clockwise. When you cannot crank the handle any more, it means that you’ve reached the clog. At this point, rotate the handle of the tool in the opposite direction to take it out of the toilet. Take the debris from the hooked end and remove it from the augur’s end. 

  1. Make Your Own De-clogger

If there is no unclogging product inside, make your own de-clogger. Use two cups baking soda and half a cup Epsom salt. Add around ten tablespoons of dish detergent to it. Pour it into specific muffin liners. Let them dry. They will harden overnight. Drop it into your toilet bowl the following day. Add around four cups of water and wait for a few hours. Your toilet will be unclogged.

Summing up

Clogged drains can be resolved in various ways. But if you encounter a particularly stubborn one, call celmeng plumbing and heating professional plumbers in Birmingham. The trained and accredited experts can undertake any kind of complex bathroom issue, so you don’t have to worry about improperly operating toilets anymore. Not just this, the bathroom fitters in Birmingham can design and Install high-quality designer bathrooms that fit with all budgets and needs. Call the experts of Celmeng Plumbing and Heating now!

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